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Dr. Alireza Ghasemi

Associate Professor

P.Eng., M.Sc., MASc., Ph.D.

Fields of Research
  • Data-oriented prognostics, diagnostics

  • Reliability, risk, and maintenance optimization of assets under imperfect condition monitoring

  • Planning and scheduling optimization of the manufacturing and service industry

  • Data-mining and application in prognostics, diagnostics and maintenance optimization

  • Machine Learning and AI application in in prognostics, diagnostics and maintenance optimization

Additional Info

Online Profiles



Current Students

Alireza Ghahtarani (PHD, co-supervised)

Yun Yin (MASc, co-supervised)

Hyojae Kim (MASc, co-supervised)

Past Students

Abolfazl Gharaei (Post-Doc, co-supervised)

Eric Bertrand (MASc, co-supervised)

Sanjay Prabhu (MASc, co-supervised)

Fatemeh Mortazavi (MASc, co-supervised)

WeiGuang Jiang, (MEng, Supervised)

Emad Sadoon, (MASc, Co-Supervised)

Lu Han, (MASc, Supervised)

Mohammad Mallahi, (MASc, Co-Supervised)

Parth Pancholi, (MASc, Supervised)

Pin Hou, (MEng, Supervised)

John Coach, (MASC, Co-Supervised)

Neda Hashemi, (MASC, Co-Supervised)

Hanna Lo, MASC, (MASC , Co-Supervised)

Andrew Sargent, (MASC, Co-Supervised)

Milad Akrami, (MASC, Co-Supervised)

Alireza Farhangdoost, (MASC, Supervised)

Elizabeth Croteau, (MASC, Co-supervised)

Sara Rezaei, (PhD, Co-supervised)

Sasan Esmaeili, (MASc, Supervised)


Ship Refit Optimizer Project – Thales Digital Solutions and Scale AI

Jazz Aviation LP


Job-shop scheduling with breakdowns (with Triangle Kitchens)

Nova Scotia Power – Diagnosis and Prognostics models for transformers

Teaching Portfolio

  • Stochastic Processes

  • Stochastic Optimization

  • Maintenance Engineering & Management

  • Simulation of Industrial Systems

  • Computer Methods and Algorithms

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