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Book Chapters

H. Afshari, and A. Gurtu (2023), "Nexus of Industry 4.0 and Circular Economy in Solid Waste Management Supply Chains: A literature review", In book: Environmentally Responsible Supply Chains in an Era of Digital Transformation: Research Developments and Future Prospects, Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited

A. Gurtu, H. Afshari, M.Y. Jaber (2023) "Managing supply chains and transportation in the Arctic – challenges and opportunities: a literature review and research agenda" In book: Supply сhain operations in the Arctic: A multiple‐perspective approach towards sustainable development, Chapter: 1, Publisher: Routledge, London, UK

A. Ghasemi, M. Hodkiewicz, (2011) “Rail Wagon Bearings Health Management Based on Imperfect Information”, Engineering Asset Management 2011 (book chapter), 61 (3), 179-190.

H. Afshari, F.H. Benam (2011), “Retail Logistics”. In: Logistics Operations and Management: Concepts and Models. Ed. by R.Z. Farahani. London: Elsevier.

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