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Presentations/Invited Talks

A. Saif (2021) “A Simulation-Optimization Framework for Optimizing Response Strategies to Epidemics”, Atlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Sciences (AARMS) COVID-19 Seminar, Online, 21 Apr 2021.

A. Saif (2021) “Robust Service System Design under Demand Uncertainty”, Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) Saskatoon Section Seminar, Online, 25 Feb 2021.

A. Saif (2019) “Towards Circular Economy: Plugging Renewable Energy into Sustainable Supply Chain Logistics”, 4th Annual Supply Chain & Logistics Management (SC&LM) Workshop, Halifax, NS, 27 Sep 2019.

H. Afshari (2019), “Constrained Multi-objective Optimization Algorithms: A Comparison in Structural Engineering Application,” Canadian Operations Research Society (CORS) Conference, Saskatoon, May 2019.

H. Afshari (2018), “Novel Multi-objective Approaches and Comparative Study in Structural Engineering,” West Coast Optimization Meeting, Kelowna, October 2018.

H. Afshari (2018), “On the Application of Multi-objective Models for Beam Optimization,” Canadian Operations Research Society (CORS) Conference, Halifax, June 2018.

H. Afshari (2017), “Industrial Symbiosis: Applied Stochastic Multi-objective Optimization,” UBC COCANA talks, Kelowna, October 2017.

H. Afshari (2016), “Six Sigma: A Practical Guideline for Implementation,” University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, October 2016.

H. Afshari (2014), “Lean Manufacturing,” University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, November 2014.

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