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About our Research

From green logistics and maintenance planning to remanufacturing and energy optimization, our research spans over a wide range of topics and is inter-disciplinary in nature. Although each member of the SPARX Group has distinct research interests and projects, we all make extensive use of modern prescriptive analytics techniques to address complex real-world problems. Our research is well-aligned with several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).


Productivity Engineering

State-of-the-art concepts and technologies like Industry 4.0, Physical Internet are Internet of Things (IoT) are some focal points of our research. We also investigate advanced production planning, machine scheduling, intelligent maintenance and additive and distributed manufacturing techniques.

Sustainability Engineering

Facilitating and promoting environmental sustainability is a key objective of our research. We address a multitude of topics related to it, including closed-loop supply chains, remanufacturing processes, energy supply chains and green energy systems.


Prescriptive Analysis

Our research entails developing and applying a plethora of prescriptive analytics techniques, including deterministic, stochastic and robust operations research, data mining/machine learning, simulation-based optimization and system dynamics.

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