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Item List

AI-based data fusion models for activity duration forecasting and scheduling, MITACS Accelerate Grant

COVID-19 healthcare supply chain innovations with NSHA: decision-making for agility and responsiveness, NSERC Alliance Grant

Dynamic job shop scheduling with random order arrival, processing time
uncertainty and imperfect equipment availability, MITACS Accelerate Grant

Evaluation of Waste Management Opportunities for the Nova Scotia Health Authority, Divert Nova Scotia Student Research Grant

Formulating and solving the multi-calendar resumable and non-resumable Naval Surface Ship Work Period Problem, MITACS Accelerate Grant

Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics against COVID-19: Developing Decision Support Tools for Policymakers, NSERC Alliance Grant

Optimization Based Decision Making for the Natural Gas Pipeline Network at Emera Energy Inc., NSERC Engage Grant

Optimization Models for Contemporary and Sustainable Production-Distribution Systems, NSERC Discovery Grant

Process Improvement and Digitalization at Fairechild Limited, IRAP grant

Production Planning and Optimization in Eden Valley Poultry, MITACS Accelerate Grant

Production and Materials Planning at Tri-Star Industries Limited, IRAP grant

Scheduling Transfer Patients and Assigning Patient Transfer Units in Nova Scotia in Collaboration with Emergency Medical Care Inc. (EMC), NSERC Engage Grant

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