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Dr. Hamid Afshari

Assistant Professor

P.Eng., MBA, MASc., Ph.D.


Hamid did his graduate studies at Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran, and at University of Manitoba, Canada. Before joining Dalhousie University, he was an Assistant Professor at Shannon School of Business, and a postdoctoral fellow at UBC and Ryerson University. His research has been sponsored by MITACS and NSERC. Dr. Afshari’s research interests include simulation and optimization of health care and supply chain management, data-driven decision making, and sustainability in supply chains. He also holds adjunct positions at Ryerson University and Cape Breton University.

Fields of Research
  • Supply chain management

  • Applied optimization

  • Sustainability

  • Advanced technologies (I4.0, AM)

Additional Info

Online Profiles

Google Scholar


Current Students

Mostafa Mostafavi Sani (Ph.D.)

Mohammad Asghari (PDF)

Hani Pourvaziri (PDF)

Mina Valaei (M.ASc.)

Ali Mahmoudi Jabdaragh (Ph.D.)

Past Students

Sahil Agnihotri

Rajath Kodi Navada

Mridul Mahajan

Vrinda Krishna

Mahanth Kuncha (M.Eng.)


Smart waste management with I4.0 (Merivale Waste Management)

Waste to Energy (Merivale Waste Management)

Reducing the impact of Covid-19 on Cancer patients (NSHA)

Safety operation management (Irwin’s)

Maritime operations and the Arctic opportunities

Teaching Portfolio

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Operations Research II (Stochastic Optimization)

  • Facilities Design

  • Introduction to Operations Research

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